Easy to Use

The scan takes less than 1 minute, its as easy taking two pictures.

Use Your Phone

You only need a phone with a camera, and a sheet of paper.

Your SizeID

Optionally, create a FeetSizr account, so you don't have to scan your feet again.

Size Recommendation

You will get the best size recommendation for that specific vendor and product.

How it works?

Get Started

On the vendor website, click the FeetSizr link, and the panel will slide from the right. Choose between the feet scanning method (recommended), or select your known size on a different brand from our list. To begin with the scan producedure, scan the QR code with your phone.

Setup & Tips

Before you begin with the pictures, take your time to read these tips for the best results.

Make sure that there is enough light in the room, and wear dark & solid color socks.

Use a clean white sheet of paper, and place it against the wall. Avoid white floors and walls, so there is enough contrast with the background.

Place your right foot on the paper, making sure your heel is slighly touching the wall.

Get Your Phone!

Scanning the QR with your phone will take you to the FeetSizr website scanning interface. Follow the instructions on screen, the entire process will take you less than 1 minute.

You will be first asked to select the type of paper sheet. Then to take a picture of your right foot, and then one last picture for the left one. While making the pictures, make sure all 4 corners of the sheet are visible.

You are done! Check the results!

Our algorithm will give you the size recommendation for that specific vendor and product. Also, you can check the conversion to EU, US and UK sizes. You can now continue the purchase on the vendor website feeling confident about the size!

What's next? Using your Size ID

After the scanning process is fulfilled, you can create an account at feetsizr. This way the messurements of your feet will be recorded and linked to your Size ID. Next time you need help with sizes, use your Size ID right on the vendor website to get a size recommendation for the specific style being purchased, without needing to scan your feet again.

Feedback? Issues?

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